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“D.B. Sweeney” Dinosaur (2000) | stream and watch full movie online. 
(Rating:PG, Genre:Action & Adventure, Animation, Kids & Family, Directed By:Ralph Zondag, Eric Leighton, Written By:Robert Nelson Jacobs, John Kent Harrison, On Disc/Streaming:Jan 30, 2001) 

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If the film had been shot during the Cretaceous, it could have looked very much like Dinosaur. The film is striking in its influence. Against the background of nature, which is clearly real, we see dinosaurs that are hardly less real. We experience the same sense of surprise as Jurassic Park. These great beasts ruled the earth much longer than we did, their incredible bodies were painted with exaggerated Darwinian strokes.

The visual look of the Dinosaur is a glimpse of the wonders of the future. The film conveys a message that computer animation is currently sophisticated enough to mimic life in full motion, with such details that the reptile skin texture seems as real as a photograph in National Geographic. The problem, as always, is to match artistry with technology.

The film begins with a short story about an egg. The egg is first seen in the iguanodon nest, which looks pretty friendly, like dinosaurs. Predators attack parents and destroy the nest, and then the egg breaks out with a running small animal that runs away with it. There is a struggle for possession, an egg falls into a stream, is swallowed, and then is thrown out by a river monster, is captured by a flying creature and, finally, falls from the sky to land in the habitat of lemurs.

Lemurs, of course, are as cute as mammals can get. In the time of the dinosaurs, there was not a single lemur that would look like this, but never mind: the film overlaps its eras a bit to expand its cast and give mammals an identification point. The hatch for the egg, the lemur mother picks up the baby iguanodon, and then. , , she is talking.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to hear that voice. I think I forgot that this film will not be a reckless leap into the distant past, but will become a fairy tale in which dinosaurs are people in all respects, except for the external form. They not only say, they have personalities, and they argue, plan, conceive and philosophize like people. They even have human values; when one of the leaders says that it will be the “survival of the fittest” on a long hike in the desert, he seems cold and heartless. If there is anything that I know about dinosaurs, it is that sentimentality for the losers did not play any role in their decision-making.

I wonder why the sound of dinosaurs with human voices bothers me. I know cartoons can talk. I expect them. When dinosaurs spoke in Earth Before Time, that was good for me. But "Dinosaur" looks so real that for me it was not like an animated film - it is more like a documentary about nature. There is a continuum between Mickey Mouse and Jurassic Park, and at some point on this continuum the animals cease to be wise and begin to eat each other. The Dinosaur feels too developed for a sweet dialogue.

Disney worked very hard to make sure that the faces of the dinosaurs were expressive, but you should work hard to give them more complex and subtle emotions for expression. Aladar is just not such an interesting character. Even in a children's film, characters are not enough to overcome some external challenges. What makes history penetrate your heart is to see how the characters learn, grow and overcome internal problems. This is a miracle of skill, but it does not have half the heart and wit of the films “Toy Story” or “The Life of a Beetle”.

However, Dinosaur's technological prowess is dazzling to observe, especially texture. Fur, scales, eggshells, water and mucus are so bright that they are almost impossible to feel. It's a shame that the plot and characters are not as strong as the visual effects, although this will be a bigger problem for adults than for children.

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Dinosaur 2000 full movie created 65 million years ago, a dinosaur tells a fascinating story about Aladar ... DINOSAUR [2000/2013] [Blu-ray] 39th Disney animated film! ... OMG plus the music is incredible, I play it to the fullest in my car ...

Dinosaur 2000 cast May 19, 2000 - Dinosaur. Aladar. voiced by DB Sweeney and 3 others. Plio voiced by Alfre Woodard and 4 others. Yara. voiced by Ossi Davisand and 5 others. Zini. voiced by Max Casella and 4 others. Suri. voiced by Hayden Panettiere and 2 others. Cron. voiced by Samuel Rytand and 8. Nir. voiced by Julianna Margulies and 1 other person. Dinosaur movies when a meteor shower destroys their home, Aladar and his family follow a herd of dinosaurs heading to a safe nesting site.

Dinosaur movie for kids this is a smaller budget movie than in studio films, but the kids really liked the little dinosaur! Also this kept them entertained for the full length of the film. Dinosaur disney plus the funniest family! They are dinosaurs, live a good life of sixty million and three years BC!

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