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“Nicolas Cage” The Croods (2013) | stream and watch full movie online. 
(Rating:PG, Genre:Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family, Directed By:Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco, Written By:Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco, In Theaters:Mar 22, 2013 Wide, On Disc/Streaming:Oct 1, 2013) 

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In The Croods, the prehistoric Grug cave "the voice of Nicolas Cage" is the head of the Crood family. These creatures believe that they are the only creatures of a kind in existence. They live somewhere on earth in a dark cave and go out only if necessary. Grug tells young family members - Eep (the voice of Emma Stone), Thunk (the voice of Clark Duke) and Sandy (Randy Tom) - the same bedtime story every night: follow the cave rules that are marked on the walls and they will survive. Ugga (voice of Katherine Keener) is not as scary as Grug, and Grug has no patience with his mother-in-law Gran (voice of Cloris Lichman), whom he finds inconvenience. Eep is adventurous and rejects the fears of his father.

But their world is changing, and an earthquake begins their journey in search of security. One day, Eip, who believes she is alone, encounters a young nomad named Guy (Ryan Reynolds voice), who has a talking belt - a sloth named, well, in general, Belt (voice of co-author Chris Sanders) - this holds his clothes are in place. The guy is meeting his parents, and Grug is not impressed; indeed, he just wants to go to the nearest cave. Then, as the earth continues to change, Guy demonstrates fire and how it can bring light into the darkness of a cave. The guy encourages Croods to move towards the light, the sun, in order to survive.

But Grug does not agree, although he does not know why. The guy talks about ideas and inventions to solve problems and meet their survival needs. The guy is aware of himself; he and women in history have consciousness. Grug continues to move slowly until Guy says in the funniest line of the film: "Come on, if your speed is faster than wandering around."

Is gné beoite tríthoiseach ó DreamWorks é “The Croods”, agus tá an cúlra agus an t-idirphlé casta go leor. On the one hand, the writers Sanders and Kirk de Mikko seem to have adapted for mass consumption the allegory (or ana-logy) of the Greek philosopher Plato and The metaphor of the cave, the sun and his "Republic" lines. Conversely, they can tell the story of the evolution of humanity from animal to person. Perhaps both of them.

Plato’s “allegory of the cave” about people enclosed in their own bodies, shackled, who think that reality is what they see on the walls of the cave through shadows. (This is indeed Plato’s attempt to seduce people into adopting philosophy so that they can grow as citizens through enlightenment. But the “Piles” do not go beyond the nomads; perhaps the continuation will lead us to the next stage.)

In fact, Guy may very well be Plato (424? -347 BC), a teacher who enlightens through philosophy with regard to Croods.

Anyone who knows the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis will recognize Ip and Gaius as the first parents of humanity. The guy is fully aware of himself, and Eep in development is worth it. Is this the moment God inspired the soul? The film does not explain this change in these creatures, but it is interesting to look at the metaphor of the Plato line - its metaphysical way of explaining the increasing level of human consciousness from illusion to faith, and then reasoning and understanding. This power, which allows them to think about themselves while thinking, is what believers would call to be completely human and fully alive, because now they have souls. The film is more evolutionary than the creationist, but parents and catechists could explain, even if the film does not, that God is somehow connected with the unification of Ip and Gaius.

Finally, as in the ana-logy with Plato, for Greg and his family, the sun is "a journey of the soul to an understandable place."

It was a relief to see The Croods precede Fred Flintstone and were simply unenlightened and inexperienced and not as rude as the name suggests. The film seemed to me a little long and somewhat preaching on the topic of getting rid of the old rules and creating a place for a new reality, an attractive argument for teens in the audience. (That could be all they get from it.)

I got the impression that the script started in one way, and then was redone to make it accessible at a certain level to a wide audience. The kids at the show really liked the Belt; I think most of the story went through their heads. The only thing that does not bother me is how poorly Grug treats his mother-in-law, especially when elder abuse in real life is so widespread. No, this will not make children mistreat their parents, grandparents, but it does help the children socialize in order to communicate with family members. Last summer, Ice Age: Continental Drift treated grandma the same way. For a movie with some new ideas, it’s very bad that most of the laughter in “The Croods” comes from an old woman.

It's good?

What makes CROODS great is that it relies only on its CGI reputation (though they are pretty amazing - see below!). Although the visuals are spectacular, a steady heartbeat beats in the center of the film. They may be the Stone Age, but Grug - and, to some extent, Ugga - are struggling with the parental dilemma faced by iPhones and moms and dads: the need to let go of children on the threshold of adulthood and even more importantly, to learn from them too, as they experience the larger, more complex world, Croods explores this dynamic with compassion and amazing depth. There are not many knowledgeable winks of the audience, like most other films in this genre, but you will not miss them much. Will there be icing on the cake if a film with an assertive, intelligent teenage girl as the main character does not ultimately force her - and other women, in this regard - to rely on men to save them? Yes. Does this message take away the power of the film? Little. Anyway, is this a terrific movie? Definitely.

And now back to these visual effects: Croods takes us to a world we could only imagine, animating it with what begins as a textured, pictorial rendering and turns into a colorful, wonderful prehistoric world filled with every color on the wheel. A landscape is a buffet of eye candy. The voices of the characters are expressive, faces and gestures are the same. When Eip lures in the sun with a teasing ray of light, her joy from the study is palpable. When we see what she sees, we understand why she does not obey. The directors Kirk De Mikko and Chris Sanders are in no hurry with the plot - a long-awaited relief - because so many things can be seen and experienced with Guy and Krudy. Some scenes are actually a bit overloaded, balancing on the brink of a migraine: prehistoric mammals screaming and screeching, while Eip and her family grumble, throw, bounce, jump, tremble and quickly play a trick on the load. But, fortunately, we also have calmer moments that allow the characters - and, accordingly, the audience - to think and appreciate the previous sensations.

Talk with your children about ...
  • Families can talk about Croods topics. In such a wild world as the Kruds, danger was at every turn. But are you afraid of talking about the end of the world and dying characters? Parents, assure younger children that the times today are completely different!
  • Talk with your children about Eep. How does she break stereotypes (or match them)? Is she a role model? Guy?
  • Grug’s family motto is “Never Be Afraid.” Is that good advice? If not, why not? Does this work for Grug and his family?
  • How historically accurate are the Croods? How - could u find out more about prehistoric facts? And how important is it that animated, fictional films are closer to the story?

The croods ending : with the end of the world right around the corner, the rules that supported them cannot be applied, and Kroda must use inventions and innovative solutions ...

The croods netflix, Starting December 24th, Netflix will have a new animated series from Dreamworks ... Dawn of the Croods. Based on the 2013 movie ...

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