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Watch! Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) Movie Online | OnVideo

“Ben Stiller” Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) | stream and watch full movie online. 
(Rating:PG, Genre:Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family, Directed By:Tom McGrath, Eric Darnell, Written By:Etan Cohen, Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath, On Disc/Streaming:Feb 6, 2009) 

You Must Know before watch Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) full movie online:

Where To Watch Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) Movie

The world is such an intricate place - thank God we have cartoons to figure it out. They are much more than a way to have fun. In Hollywood, they are also a battleground of ideology and prejudice, curious for an environment that focuses mainly on children.

For example, Disney cartoons usually reflect the conservatism of their creator Walt about family values ​​and gender roles. Even recently, they repeated some of the notorious racial stereotypes of past decades, in which blacks, Asians and Arabs regularly humiliated.

Warner Bros cartoons were generally ruder, more cynical, and more pessimistic, though not immune to their own egregious racism. You cannot watch the Roadrunner caricature and conclude that Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese, who created the series, had a sunny look at the condition of the person.

In recent years, Disney's conservatism was still evident in films such as The Lion King, much later than Walt's death. The company considers itself the custodian of public morality, and 35 billion US dollars (53 billion US dollars) in revenue (in 2007) bring great honesty. This stupidity was somewhat obscured by their deal with Pixar, whose films tend to contradict old mouse house stories.

The original Madagascar was a bit of a hybrid. It was from DreamWorks Animation, the creators of Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, Pixar's only major rival in terms of technology and inventions, but it was a return to the Warner Bros style of the 1940s and 50s - less realistic characters, more “caricature” painted (albeit on a computer) and another farce. It was funny, stupid and had a killer premise: four African animals ran out of the Central Park zoo and headed back to Africa. They only get to Madagascar, where they encounter a tribe of lemurs dancing in the disco style, led by the stupid king Julien (voiced by Sasha Baron Cohen).

Four animals were carefully balanced to bridge the racial chasm of American life: Ben Stiller voiced Alex, the dancing lion, and his best friend Marty, the zebra Jivi, made Chris Rock. David Schwimmer made Melman a neurotic giraffe, and Jada Pinkett Smith voiced Gloria, the big-chested hippo that Melman secretly adores.

At the start of the new film, the four, plus the crazy king Julien, are ejected into the air in the refurbished DC-3, piloted by four criminal penguins who designed the escape from New York. They crash in Africa, and Alex reunites with family pride, from which he was kidnapped as a cub.

His father, Tooth (the late Bernie Mack), although very pleased, is a little surprised to find that his son is now a dancer and lover of Broadway tunes. Tooth - a large and powerful head of pride, which is challenged only by the insidious Makunga (Alec Baldwin), a jackal of a lion. Sherry Shepard voices the tender and cross-eyed mother of Alex. Oil does not melt in the mouth, and the question arises: what do these lions eat? We never see how they hunt, because it would destroy the grandeur of their image as noble creatures organized into a “kingdom”. It is difficult to shake these old stereotypes about the hierarchy of animals, especially in cartoons.

In fact, the most dangerous character in this film is a little old Jewess named Nana (voiced by Eliza Gabrielli). She was the one who beat Alex with his umbrella in the first film. This time she returns as part of a group of safari tourists.

Penguins steal their truck and throw it through the windshield. Noticing that she is still alive, they pay attention to her, a joke that surprised me - the attempt to kill on a truck is a little cruel in a children's film.

When Hollywood animations go next to Africa, things usually get complicated in terms of casting. For example: if I were an African American, I might wonder how two African lions could produce a cub, played by Ben Stiller, and not, say, Will Smith.

And I might wonder why the only distinguishing feature of Gloria is the size of its huge bottom. This becomes her main feature for the male hippo voiced by rapper “Oh my god, you're huge,” he says approvingly. “Who are your friends, or is it your a**,” she jokes, sipping a cocktail with a frangipani garnish. I wonder if black viewers will find this funny or offensive?

Here's a radical idea: if you are going to divide the fauna into racial types, why not let African-Americans play all African animals? They can do the same: as now, roles are stereotyped by the race, but black actors receive only bosom tasks (for example, Eddie Murphy, who plays the donkey in Shrek)

I understand that Stiller’s casting is part of the joke: he grew so far from home that he grew up in a zoo that he lost his African descent.

But no matter what I think about the film, it's a good animation. The colors are extraordinary, the backgrounds are amazing. Directors Darnell and McGrath raise the bar in terms of the speed of jokes and the general ambitions of history. This is an old and fashionable Hollywood animation - an advanced generation of computers, funny songs and dances, a good sense of humor - and weary stereotypes of 50 years ago.

Madagascar: escape 2 africa full movie is one of those rare cases when a sequel is better than the original, madagascar: escape 2 africa cast : Ben Stiller as Alex Leo. Chris Rock as Marty Zebra, as well as other zebras in the herd. David Schwimmer as Melman, a giraffe. Jada Pinkett Smith as Gloria the Hippo. Sasha Baron Cohen in the role of King Julien XIII lemur Cedric the Entertainer, like Maurice da-da.

It's good?

MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA - fun and exciting, albeit a predictable contribution, will not disappoint fans of the original. All the cute strongholds have returned, including the beloved group of insidious, mechanically minded penguins. The film is also endowed with the same catchy dark song - “I like to move” - the first, and it is guaranteed to leave visions of lemurs and lions dancing in the heads of the audience for several weeks.

The jokes of the film basically make cuts (although Sasha Baron Cohen, when Jemen Lemur can tire adults after a while, if not children) - although this is better than many originals, this can not be called a classic, if only because history does not present no real surprises. (Even the crappy lady in her purse looks expected.) However, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is a pleasant rescue that you have been dreaming of for so long when you go to the movies.

Talk to the kids
  • Families can talk about friendship films and how friends can interact with different people in their companions.
  • Families can also discuss the use of cliche films and stereotypes as jokes.
  • Also, ask the children what they think of Alex's dilemma, especially when he realizes that he is not like the other lions that grew up with pride. What do you think about how he deals with the situation?
  • And what happened to Melman, Gloria and Marty after they were in the savannah? How does their adventure tear them apart and, more importantly, unite them?

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