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“Jesse Eisenberg” Rio (2011) | stream and watch full movie online. 
(Rating:G, Genre:Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family, Directed By:Carlos Saldanha, Written By:Carlos Saldanha, Earl Richie Jones, Todd R. Jones, Don Rhymer, Joshua Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimilia, Sam Harper, Josh Sternin, Jeff Ventimilia, In Theaters:Apr 15, 2011 Wide, On Disc/Streaming:Aug 2, 2011) 

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When Pixar decided to make Ratatouille, Brad Bird went to Paris, dined at the best restaurants and interviewed cooks. Some of the animators really studied the Paris sewer system, and it seems to me that authenticity has gone too far. However, with all this, we do not see much of the City of the World, except for the horizon, some beautiful views of the Seine and one gourmet restaurant (and, of course, sewer networks).

Disney's Princess and the Frog, located in New Orleans, has improved thanks to the Crescent City, from St. Louis Cathedral (where the climax was celebrated) and the architecture of the French Quarter to the Mardi Gras Parade. Here, too, filmmakers repeatedly visited New Orleans, rode riverboats and trams, consulted with local cultural experts and studied historical photographs and videos.

As American animated films show, these are unusual cases. From the common suburbs of Toy Story or Despicable Me films to the worlds of Kung Fu Panda or Tangled Storybook collections, a strong sense of a different place and culture is not a hallmark of Hollywood animation.

But Carlos Saldanha, who directed or co-authored most Blue Sky productions (including Ice Age films and robots), is a native Brazilian born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, which is why Rio de Janeiro is something special . It is not just well studied; it feels like local people are showing it

Saldanha raised a real lively celebration of his city and its culture, from the brightness of the annual carnival to the city’s famous attractions - above all the ubiquitous statue of Christ the Redeemer, looking at the city from the granite dome of Corcovado in countless frames, From the arches of the Carioca aqueduct to Mount Sugarloaf, from the bright costumes of samba schools to the sun-drenched beaches of Guanabara Bay, Rio looks as colorful at the distant world as children most likely watch films without reading subtitles.

Parents take note: this includes the sensual, perilous spirit associated with the city, from meager, tasteless carnival costumes and beachwear to a softly suggestive dialogue. Rio is also outspoken about the less tourist-friendly side of the city. We see favelas or slums with their narrow streets and rows of huts built like card houses with corrugated iron roofs. There is poverty and crime, from petty gangsters who hire needy children to do their dirty work, to street vendors who distract tourists with performing arts, while the Confederates pick their pockets - a trick used by a squad of mischievous monkeys.

Yes, monkeys. This is an easy family cartoon, not a City of God or something like that. My Brazilian colleague, Pablo Villas, a member of the Society of Online Film Critics, was not enthusiastic about the film, expressing its stereotypes, worn out plot elements and so on. “If it had been designed with Pixar in mind, Rio could have become Manhattan Carlos Saldanha,” complains Villas. *Instead, it became a guide for those who wanted to visit the state's capital.* Manhattan may be an ambitious touchstone (not that the goal is wrong). In any case, a good guide has nothing to sneeze at.

Yes, there is a story. Blue (Jesse Eisenberg), a rare macaw native to the Brazilian rainforest, but poachers caught him as a chick and brought it to snowy Minnesota ("Not Rio" with a sense of humor) , where he was taken care of by a young book lady named Linda (Leslie Mann). Linda and Blue are pleased with their sheltered existence and are not at all ready for the sudden invasion of Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro), a Brazilian orthologist who explains that Blue is the last man of his kind and that he must be brought to Brazil to preserve his appearance, where the last woman is in captivity.

At this point, you may have memories of Saldanha’s solo directorial debut, Ice Age 2, with its awkward, inconsistent plot, suggesting that the last existing mammoths are Manny and a woman who for no good reason thinks she - possum. True, the pairing of Rio Blue and Jewell (Anne Hathaway) in Rio is much more convenient than that.

In a way, it reminds me of an underrated Disney Bolt: a male hero devoted to the worship of a human female, but so domesticated that he does not know how to be an animal, becomes separated from his female master, reluctant to combine forces with unwillingness but a worldly female animal (in the case of Bolt, this is a female of a different species, a cat), which helps him rediscover his forgotten legacy. Both Rio and Bolt even borrow an old comedic joke, literally handcuffs (or chains or bandages) of a boy and a girl to each other.

Of course, the romantic element in Rio is absent in Bolt. Complicated matters, unlike the dominant one, which took control of Bolt, Bleu is insecure, insecure and irritable - by no means for a romantic leader, but perhaps especially in Rio.

Although Jewel is clearly the most assertive couple, their relationship is not one-sided, and Blue has several useful skills that Jewel lacks, from opening cage doors to climbing and skateboarding. Its defining disadvantage is that it cannot fly. All this drags on for too long, although the resolution is satisfactory.

Relations between Linda and Tulio also have certain advantages: her upbringing in the small town of Linda in the Midwest did not prepare her for life in the Brazilian metropolis (“We don’t shake our panties in Minnesota!”), But she quickly catches up. (It turned out that riding a motorcycle is like riding a snowmobile!) In the end, I would like Tulio to give some more work. Then there is Fernando (Jake T. Austin), a street orphan who is becoming a more important and soulful character than you might initially think.

Jamaine Clement almost steals the show like a villainous cockatoo named Nigel, whose musical number for Pretty Bird is stellar. Like Captain Hook's whimsical “waltz”, Nigel ties together the polysyllabic rhyming adjectives in celebration of his own bad self: “I am invincible; I am invulnerable / I don’t wash, I don’t wash / Like an abandoned school, I have no principles! "

Tracy Morgan was cheerful like a semi-tragic, slobbery bulldog, whose behavior does not really mask suppressed predatory instincts. George Lopez plays a henpecked, but faithful family bird named Rafael, who helps Blu and Jewel. Although Raphael wants to go to the carnival, he surprises Blue and Jewel by going home. "I love the carnival," he says, "but I l-o-v-e my family more."

Music and dancing play a huge role. Here, finally, you can see what Saldanha was trying to do, not entirely successfully, in Ice Age 2, with choreographic production plays that were striking in themselves, but were not really related to anything in this film. In Rio, it works. The chase sequence with a dizzying character, when the characters ride on a sheet of corrugated metal on the roofs of the favela, continues the peculiar tradition of slalom-style sleigh racing in Blue Sky.

One of the best episodes is a cool hang-gliding ride around the city, which includes an exciting 360-degree pan around Christ the Redeemer. In the 3rd, Christ's outstretched arms swing right into the theater, as if to embrace the world.

Talk with your children about ...
  • Families can talk about the characters and messages of the film. Which of the characters are role models? How can you say? What do they learn during the film?
  • What makes animal adventures so appealing? Why do filmmakers - and families - gravitate toward films in which animals are the main characters?
  • The scene of the film, Rio de Janeiro, is the same character as Linda and Blue. What have you learned from the customs and cultural traditions of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil?

Rio full movie : Purchase Rio digitally and stream instantly or download offline. An animated film about the adventures of a rare macaw that leaves its cage in a small town ...

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