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“Will Ferrell” Megamind (2010) | stream and watch full movie online. 
(Rating:PG, Genre:Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family, Directed By:Tom McGrath, Written By:Alan Schoolcraft, Brent Simons, In Theaters:Nov 5, 2010 Wide, On Disc/Streaming:Feb 25, 2011) 

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Megamind gave me a curious sense of deja vu. It was not only 3D glasses that became semi-mandatory in the movie this year. It was an actual plot that is similar to other computer animations we saw recently. This is partly deliberate because Megamind is a bit of a satire, one of DreamWorks Animation's favorite styles. But even for satire, he swims in well-defined waters.

It begins as Superman robbery, but it is recognized. A baby is born on the planet Krypton shortly before its explosion. His parents sent the boy into his cradle. While he gurgles and screams, another child flies past by in another capsule from another doomed planet. Two alien superfights land next to each other in the USA and are brought up in different circumstances. One with a big blue head becomes Megamind, a criminally gifted supervillain with the voice of Will Ferrell; one with a large jaw becomes Metroman, an ordinary hero in a barrel-shaped form, in pantyhose, with a flowing cape and a lush hairdo. He is voiced by Brad Pitt.

Metro Man becomes the protector of Metro City, a metropolis full of sparkling modern versions of Art Deco architecture. Megamind becomes a city horror and a joke. He is a failure, albeit brilliant. Local television reporter Roxanne Richie, voiced by Tina Fey, ridicules him when he once again abducts her. Megamind simply cannot get it right - he even declares Metro City as “Met-rocity”, as in “atrocity”.

Earlier this year, Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment in 3D released Despicable Me, a story of a supervillain named Grue, grumbling of enormous intelligence whose misfortune was tamed by the love of three orphaned girls. Under his house, Grue had an underground lab / den inhabited by small, yellow, fat creatures with one or two eyes, goggles, and a talking dummy. The minions were probably the best idea of ​​the film, so I was surprised to see a similar creature appearing in Megamind. The character of Will Ferrell has a smart alien fish as an assistant, and his name is actually Mignon (voiced by David Cross). Despicable Me I had two criminal supervillains competing with each other. Megamind goes to one, good and bad. Earlier this year, Sony Pictures Animation released "Meatball Cloud" in 3D, a story about a brilliant inventor without social skills who turned weather into food. It was also satire when the impudent female reporter did wonders.

I am not saying which of these films came first to any of these ideas. The production cycle and the competition between the studios often produce two films at about the same time with similar stories, and the animation community in California is relatively small. Most of them know each other, studied together at the same schools and studied at Disney. Outflow between studios should mean that no idea is a secret for a very long time.

It seems that it will only get worse, because we are now talking about a very big business. By my rough estimates, 3D animated films in 2010 received around $ 5 billion worldwide. Disney alone, which released Pixar's Toy Story 3 and Tim Burton’s 3D Alice in Wonderland combined animation, earned more than $ 2 billion. This is a great incentive for the studio to closely monitor competitors. There are animation units serving most major studios - Sony, Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount and Disney. It really became Toontown.

Megamind is sitting in this year's backpack. This is a cheeky comedy with many one-liners, some of which obviously come from improvisation between Ferrell and Fey, both in good vocal form. As you would expect, the quality of the animation is excellent. Every year, the definition of details in these films improves, especially in difficult areas. For example, the movie has amazing hair. Hair and water effects are traditionally difficult because their movement is very difficult. Computer animation seems to have licked the problem.

It is a relief that Megamind does not become too knowledgeable. Most animations for children age in their demographics. This is causing a trend toward smart comedy for teens. This left a gap in the place where innocence once lived. Pixar never leaves this territory, but DreamWorks often leaves it. Pixar pursued the children who still believed in Santa Claus, and tried not to disappoint them; DreamWorks looked after an older and cunning audience, despite the fact that it depicts a child catching fish from the moon. Their type of child would push him away.

The humor in Megamind is quick and frivolous, like chatter. This is not for the little ones, but I doubt it will upset them. It is a pity that the film looks and sounds like many of its competitors.

It's good?

Ferrell is a gifted comedian, and his voice acting is great. His ridiculous pronunciations - he calls Metro City “MeTROcity”, as if he rhymes with “The Beast”, and says that melancholy - “meLANcholy” - and his serious banter with Roxanne Fairy early prove that he is a hero trapped in a villain . body. Pitt, meanwhile, has nothing to do but convince the audience that his voice belongs to a brilliant superhero who can juggle smiling children and turn women in the city into tears, just catching a glimpse of his dimpled smile. Not hard work when you are Brad Pitt! Cross and Hill are funny as sidekicks and sworn enemies, respectively, but the cast with stars cannot compensate for the fact that the story failed after defeating Metroman. Part of this is the boredom that Megamind feels, but the rest is only slow - even if there's a lot of laughter.

Music, for example, is a cliché for playing selected rock songs such as Back in Black, Highway to Hell and Welcome to the Jungle. All this is a classic, but haven't we heard them in many other films? Considering how original the Pharrell WIlliams soundtrack to a similar thematic film Despicable Me was, these predictable (albeit instantly recognizable) options seemed lazily chosen. And this is a common problem of the film: it is fun and funny, but not great. This is not an animated movie that will inspire Halloween costumes or replay on a DVD player for a family room.

Talk with your children about ...
  • Families can talk about the nature of good and evil. l. Do all superheroes need an enemy spell? What happens after the hero is destroyed (or even the villain)? Can a hero exist if there is no evil and vice versa?
  • Metro Man says everyone has a choice whether to be a hero or not. Do you think this is true?
  • Can you recall other heroes who are different from the usual type? What are some examples?

Megamind cast Will Ferrell. Megamind (voice) Brad Pitt. Tina Fey. Roxanne Ritchie (voice) John Hill. David Cross Mignon (voice) Justin Theroux. Father Megamind (voice) Tom McGrath. Lord Scott / The Prison Guard (voice) J.K. Simmons. Sentinel (voice) Quinn Dempsey Stiller. Schoolboy (voice) Christopher Knights. The prison guard ...

Megamind netflix - Yes, Megamind is now available on US Netflix. He arrived for an online broadcast on July 3, 2019. We will continue to check Netflix USA for Megamind and this page will be updated with any changes.

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