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“Matthew McConaughey” Sing (2016) | stream and watch full movie online. 
(Rating:PG, Genre:Animation, Comedy, Musical & Performing Arts, Directed By:Garth Jennings, Christophe Lourdelet, Written By:Garth Jennings, In Theaters:Dec 21, 2016 Wide, On Disc/Streaming:Mar 21, 2017) 

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As if the world is no longer drinking enough technical La-Land musical greetings, hot on the heels is an animated musical pleasure to make your Christmas or Hanukkah brighter than brighter - SING! Go to Pixar, Walt Disney Animation and DreamWorks, in the block there is a new child who goes up the chart - Illumination Entertainment. The people who brought us “Despicable Me” and “The Secret Life of Pets” are now heading into the world of an animated musical with a fascinating story, funny animal characters and some of the most recognizable music hits in the last few decades. together writer / director Garth Jennings. With perhaps the best soundtrack of the year (what I expect to say in 2017 with Guardians of the Galaxy), there isn’t enough praise to sing about SING! To borrow from Jerry Maguire, SING invited me to Paul McCartney. What movie! One song after another, SING is the soundtrack of the greatest hits of your life, covering everything and everyone. SING is pure WOW and you will float through the air and smile from ear to ear. And the koala voiced by Matthew McConaughey? Perfection.

Meet the Marsupial Buster Moon. At the age of six, Buster fell in love with a musical theater, seeing the play of none other than the world-famous diva Nana Noodleman. Enthusiastic and fascinated, he began his dream of becoming a world-famous impresario, having his own theater and staging world-class performances. Taking advantage of his father’s life savings, Buster really buys a grand old theater for himself, listening to the Broadway and Vaudeville palaces of the past. Continuously, production after production comes and goes, with every show represented by a tiny koala descending from rafters sheltered in a golden crescent. Unfortunately, all of Buster’s funds were spent on the purchase of the theater, which forced him to seek investment from others for real productions. Thanks to his best friend, a llama named Eddie, funding has not been a problem so far. Eddie’s father was a “silent” patron, and without a single blow and return from the dollar, the production cash cow dried up. And the bank threatens to deprive the repurchase right.

Desperate to save the theater, Buster decides on a bold plan; hold an amateur singing contest. This is all anger, the audience loves “reality”, the house will be crowded, he will earn a lot of money and will not lose his theater. Great idea. Or not. Intending to offer a prize of $ 1,000 (all chained in treasure chests), everything is going wrong, thanks to Buster’s old, very old, crocodile assistant, Miss Crowley. Miss Crowley seems to have an unpleasant habit of losing her glass eye, in which case she loses it at the most inopportune time, changing the audition flyers to offer a prize of $ 100,000 instead of Buster’s total cost of $ 1,000. Unfortunately.

Needless to say, $ 100,000 attracts many potential competitors, causing a fun and fast-paced listening process that demonstrates some real talent, dubious talent, lack of talent, but still manages to delve into each of the lives of each of the best participants. with depth and sincerity, thus resonating with the audience on several levels. Rosita is an overworked housewife of a pig, mother of 25 piglets and a husband who works all day only to come home and sleep, not paying attention to Roza’s needs and all her hard work. Spiky ashes, respectively porcupines, have a more teenage fear than one would think, expressing all this through a performance with his boyfriend and his punk music. Then there's Johnny, the sweetest gorilla you can ever hope to meet. Another disappointed teenager, looking like James Dean of the 50s, dreams of Johnny singing, and his father’s dream is to follow in his father’s footsteps into a criminal lifestyle and become part of his thieving gang. The kidnapping of the scene is Mike Mouse, who introduces himself as the new “Blue Eyes” with the “Boys and Dolls” style, and then Mina’s mouse appears, a pachyderm with a voice that looks like an angel, but has no courage to speak. And who would not have noticed, Gunter, our brilliant pig in spandex, which goes on occasion and allows all this to hang out!

However, as in the case of Buster Moon, everything is not going as planned, and it will not take long before its participants find out the truth about the competition. The prize is only $ 1,000. Do they stay and compete? Or go? Will Baster lose everything? To his credit, writer / director Garth Jennings makes a complicated left turn and unites everything, turning it into a solid exponential third act that embraces and includes the individual strengths and traits of each character, focusing on the story in which everyone gets his day in sun with impressive musical performances.

SING was challenged not only by the actors, but also by the actors who can sing and sing songs suitable for each character. The casting team of Allison Jones and Mickey McGowan has surpassed herself here because she not only voices, but also sings.

Like Mr. Buster Moon, Matthew McConaughey provides one of the most enjoyable, effective, and entertaining performances of his career. Having discovered this balance of a clever con artist with an overly energetic, energetic, eternal optimist, McConaughey does more to Buster than is written on the page, inspiring him with heart and tenderness in the most unexpected moments. Cleverly, the animators even smiled broadly at Buster, who was listening to McConaughey himself.

Taron Egerton is simply amazing, like Johnny, full of equanimity, shyness and nervousness in his voice. And just wait until you hear Egerton kicking at high speed, releasing Elton John's high octane tone of “I'm Still Standing.” BLIMEY! With this number, you will make Crocodile Rock in its place. It is interesting to compare Egerton in the role of the teenager Johnny with Ash Scarlett Johansson, full of longing among adolescents. Where Egerton instills tangible caution and fear into dialogue, Johansson's dialogues boast incredible confidence. Each perfectly reflects the aspects of adolescents today.

Speaking of Scarlett Johansson, she takes down the roof not only from the Lunar Theater, but also with any cinema in which viewers watch SING, not only with the delivery of sassy ashes, but also with the musical solo Set It All Free, which explodes.

Now we know that Reese Witherspoon can play and sing, but she is surprised by the depth of character that she brings to the game with her vocal intonation, being a mother for 25 piglets and a tearing a** with Gunter Nick Kroll singing “Shake It Off”. But this is Nick Kroll's Gunther, which will make you sew thanks to not only the voice work of Kroll, but also the animation and sparkling design of Gunter's costume! Hilarious!

An introduction to the sound of fun, as well as director Garth Jennings, who is voiced by Miss Crowley. Beyond scream and scream. And I must say that the whole lost eyeball trick throughout the film never gets old. Tori Kelly, nominated for a Grammy, is charming as Mina, capturing her shyness, as well as awesome vocals with the song “Don't worry.” But just wait for the Kelly-Jennifer Hudson duo from Hallelujah! Thanks to Mike Seth MacFarlane, we see a super courteous Sinatra complete with an elegant suit, hat and music tubes humming his big number, "Let's face it, music and dance."

Gorgeous in purple with Norma Desmond's almost normal presence and a slight sense of humor, this is none other than Nana Noodleman, voiced in her youth by Jennifer Hudson, who kills McCartney with her soulful opera performance of Golden Dreams / Bear That Weight, and voiced in her resignation Jennifer Saunders. And, of course, John C. Reilly nailed him to himself like Eddie’s calm buster.

Writer / director Garth Jennings and co-director Christoph Lourdelet designed and presented a story that is modern and relevant, including the magic of days gone by, the era of great theaters and the glamor of history. Being in a world completely populated by animals, there is negligence and immediate acceptance of the premise, and it is so universal, given the world obsessed with the competitors of the reality in which we now live and that has adorned our television screens for more than ten years, that SING can be imagined with all its comedic weaknesses and cardiac histories that are easily established in the real world of humans or the animal world.

The characters are very well-designed: from Rosita and her family with 25 little pigs to the shy Mina and the teenager Johnny, who wants to sing and not follow in his father's footsteps. And of course, Eddie's best friend. And let's not forget the secondary characters and viewers who fill the film with everyday hopes, dreams and entertainment. The exchange of stories is positive and inspiring for both young people, so for adults, encouraging everyone to dream and reach for the stars. Each emotion and message is enclosed in Buster Moon, but then they acquire a more defining form and visualization with separate stories of each of the main characters. On the screen, someone is always talking to someone from the audience. And the jokes just keep coming. Witty lines that land every time.

Musically, no one can ask for more, because the film has tracks by Paul McCartney, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Christopher Cross, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and others.

Animation pops up with great use of color and texture. Nothing is overly saturated. The main characters and the Lunar Theater are more saturated than the background or background characters. There is a pleasant combination of textures with flat street backgrounds and square corners, leaving round bends and sizes for each of the animal characters, each of which is festive thanks to a wonderful anthropomorphism. The walls inside the Rosita house are flat with the texture emanating from the objects inside. In the same way, attention is paid to determining the size of not only animals, but also their environment. For example, the Mina family, consisting of several generations, lives in a middle-sized house of a normal size, but the animators maintain the proportions of the house, creating the feeling of a huge elephant when they dodge to walk under the doorways, pressing their middle to the doorposts. This technique also works well with Buster and the Theater of the Moon, because it makes the theater bigger than life, because it surrounds a koala of small stature, but a big dream; sometimes it seems that the theater is too small for Buster’s dreams, a sensation that you will see in the third act. A refreshing view of animals. Animation is not intended to make them photorealistic or clear, as we usually see in other animation projects.

It's good?

This cute cartoon comedy with attractive hit covers and cast of all stars benefits from the adventures of talking animals and from talent contests. The film may not have “Inside Out” content or explicit “Zootopia” messages, but, like Trolls, it is simple, with catchy pop music and jokes that can make children laugh. (Unlike Trolls, his tricks aren’t so positive - see below.) Musical numbers are by far the best part of the film, including Jennifer Hudson’s Golden Dreams / Carry Weight Piglet Shake It Off duo (Witherspoon and comedian Nick Kroll as a German boar named Gunther) to Kelly’s stunning version of "Hallelujah."

Music is what makes Sing worthy of the admission price, because, from the point of view of history and theme, there are several oversights that prevent it from being great. Like, say, an image of Rosita’s home life. 

She did everything for her 25 piglets, and her burned husband "Nick Offerman" barely registered her. He checked so much that he did not notice when she installed the Roubaix-Goldberg fixture so that the household would work when she could not provide a nanny to participate in the competition. And there is poor Johnny who desperately wants the approval of his criminal father. A child who wants his parents to see his radiance is fine, but did this father need to become a bank robber? But if what you want is sparkling entertainment, then you will understand that you sing along after the credits drop out, then Sing gets to the point. Just don’t think too hard about it.

Talk with your children about ...
  • Families can talk about Sing messages. What does it mean to find your voice and follow your dreams? How does this contribute to teamwork, courage and perseverance? Why are these important strengths of character?
  • Who is the movie role model? What do they do, what makes them admirable?
  • Have you noticed any stereotypes in the film? How can non-human characters reinforce the stereotypes that we usually associate with people?
  • Some critics say the film is not particularly good with her female characters: from Rosa’s barely noticeable absence at home, to Ash’s bad relationship and Buster’s behavior towards Miss Crowley. Do you agree?
  • Why do you think Johnny is so desperate for the approval of his father, although his father is a criminal? Do you think he would have felt that he had succeeded if he had not received this test?

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