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Watch! Turbo (2013) Movie Online | OnVideo

“Ryan Reynolds” Turbo (2013) | stream and watch full movie online. 
(Rating:PG, Genre:Animation, Kids & Family, Directed By:David Soren, Written By:Darren Lemke, David Soren, On Disc/Streaming:Nov 12, 2013) 

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Where To Watch Turbo (2013) Movie

'When You Wish Upon a Star' may be the main theme for "Turbo". In this energetic, funny cartoon about a brave garden snail (Ryan Reynolds), the star belongs to the neon sign at Van Nuys, Starlight Plaza. In this worn-out shopping center, our hero, who calls himself Turbo, enters into his long-standing fantasy of entering Indianapolis 500 - not some version of the mollusk race, but a real open-wheel race. His shell will be his chariot.

The latest DreamWorks Animation movie is based on several hits from Pixar's rival (Cars, Beetle Life, Ratatouille, even WALL-E). But he tells the fable of the Impossible Dream in his own way. It is as classic as Pinocchio, and as modern as Fast and the Furious 6.

Turbo decides that he wants to become an Indycar champion after watching racing tapes on a TV / VCR dusting in a garage. The snail has no chance until it falls into the engine of a racing car and becomes so saturated with nitrous oxide that it acquires super-speed. To get to Indianapolis, he still needs the help of Tito (Michael Pena), the truck driver for the Dos Bros Tacos food booth. Tito seeks to prove his power to Turbo and use advertising to map his brother's Mexican cuisine along with the rest of Starlight Plaza.

Turbo - radiates warmth, humor and ingenuity from the start when Turbo and his brother Chet 'Paul Jamatti' work on a 'plant' - a tomato that hits a colony of snails. In the best and most playful playful raven, he suddenly lashes out and grabs the worker, and the survivors casually brush off every loss.

Turbo, however, refuses to accept the fate of his brother after the raven seizes him: he uses his newly-acquired superpower to save the Chet. Like the best twists in the film, this is a test of character related to the plot. Siblings crash into Van Nyce Street. Tito picks them up and presents the incredible stables of street racing snails voiced by Samuel L. Jackson-Maya Rudolph-Snoop Dogg-Ben Schwartz & Mike Bell. They compete on a small toy track. For them, it is as great as the Grand Prix.

In the most witty stroke of director / barn David Soren, Turbo and Chet fall into the double of the comic universe. Tito chases after his usual but bold and decisive snails to please his Starlight Plaza neighbors: the owners of a hobby store (Richard Jenkins), a garage (Michelle Rodriguez) and a nail salon (Ken Jeong). Tito's brother, Angelo (Luis Guzman), despairs about Tito’s bizarre paths, just as Chet Pooh Pooh Turbo wishes racing immortality. But other store owners strongly support Tito, just as Tito's invertebrate stable makes Turbo the “snail”.

Soren and his colleagues, Robert Siegel (“The Fighter,” “The Big Fan”) and Darren Lemke (“The Slayer of Jack Giants”) draw amusing parallels between the world of a man and a gastropod clam, sometimes as part of a single shot, like when all four brothers act out their conflicts on completely different scales. (Snails can hear and understand people, and not vice versa.) The contrast in the long run is very funny, especially when Soren cuts between the perception of the average speed of a snail their speed - and a lingering reality.

Turbo is a modest film. Our snail does not need to overcome temptation, as Pinocchio did. But his clam look gives the film a delightful view of the world. And Turbo is not just a failure - he is partly a superhero, partly a dark horse. Tito's racing snails show Turbo that talent alone is not enough to win: he also needs determination and ingenuity. Moreover, they teach him that in order to win a race like an Indy 500, he must control it like a snail - a smart riff about how subcultures can succeed in America without sacrificing their personality.

It's nice to see cliches of sports films - for example, a family reunion at the finish line - characters with winding eye stems and long mucous bodies, which they can “fill” in the sink. An antique visual invention never surrenders, whether Tito refills a Turbo at night with a bag of ketchup as a pillow and a warm cake as a blanket, or racing snails serving as his team from the Indy 500 pit, using a vibrating cell phone to massage the Turbo leg.

The murderous performance of Bill Hader in the role of Turbo's idol guy Guy Gagnet, self-respecting French Canadian racing champion, gives the whole third action a huge comedic rise. The five-time Indy 500 winner is asked what keeps him behind the wheel, and with the lightest accent and rhythm from Hader Guy replies: “When the cheetah chases the gazelle, does it ever stop thinking that I caught enough gazelles?”

He counts only on another gazelle. What Guy gets is much more competitive and dangerous - a small, cool, turbocharged snail.

It's good?

Turbo does a lot of things right when it comes to creating an attractive, fun animated film for kids. He has a protagonist for whom children can root and socialize, plus a menagerie of supporting characters that enhance laughter (The White Shadow voiced by Michael Bell steals the show). Children do not care that the concept that a snail is allowed to race in the Indy 500 is completely implausible and full of logical problems. (They also do not care that the tacos shown on the taco stand / truck are not authentic.) They will love small details, such as when Tito puts Turbo to bed with a packet of taco sauce for a pillow and a warm cake for a blanket.

But the simplicity of the film and the absence of surprises are what makes it different from children. We have no doubt that Turbo and Tito will succeed. Any stories pass with little attention. And although the urban setting, hip-hop soundtrack and ethnically diverse cast are welcome additions to the children's cinema pantheon, the setting doesn't seem fully realized. In general, children will like the film, but it may not be remembered for a long time.

Talk with your children about ...
  • Families can talk about the realism of films. Do you think it is important that stories seem believable in real life? Is it difficult to enjoy a movie if the concept seems too far-fetched?
  • What did you notice about where Turbo was installed? Have you seen other animated films shot in an urban setting like this? Do the characters seem to fit the location? Have you noticed any stereotypes?
  • What are your dreams? Who supports your dreams? Does anyone tell you that your dreams are unrealistic? How do you feel when this happens?

Turbo movie characters : These are characters from the DreamWorks movie "Turbo" and the series ... Turbo (character) Guy Gan Chet Chet Beat Bit Tito Lopez Hayaku Angelo Lopez ...

is turbo the movie on netflix? Yes, Turbo is now available on US Netflix. He arrived for the online broadcast on December 9, 2019.

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