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Watch! Meet the Robinsons (2007) Movie Online | OnVideo

“Daniel Hansen” Meet the Robinsons (2007) | stream and watch full movie online. 
(Rating:G, Genre:Action & Adventure, Animation, Kids & Family, Directed By:Stephen J. Anderson, Stephen Anderson, Written By:William Joyce, Jonathan Bernstein, Joe Mateo, Don Hall, Nathan Greno, Aurian Redson, Jon Bernstein, Michelle Spitz, Stephen J. Anderson, Stephen Anderson, On Disc/Streaming:Oct 23, 2007) 

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Where To Watch Meet the Robinsons (2007) Movie

In my reviews, but I would have lied if I hadn’t said how much I do not like the Brotherly Bear, Chicken and the House on the ridge. Treasure Planet was fine, but a bit dry. The reviews make no sense if they are all vanilla and you never love and hate something.

But it’s hard when there are lots of bad reviews. Start feeling like a jerk! I want to love them! Really, I do.

Fortunately, we have a way out of the sunken place with the strange but entertaining 47th animated classic Disney Meet the Robinsons classic. This is not a masterpiece, but as a pop entertainment program, it is creative and bizarre, and I liked it.


You can’t say anything about production, but Pixar was officially bought by Disney during the filming of the film, so John Lasseter became the producer of the film.

In fact, he saw an early screening and did not think that the villain was scary enough, so he changed it, and, obviously, 60% were changed and refitted. It looks like a movie that is a little overloaded and maybe reloaded, but it still works.

This is also noteworthy because it was the first Disney movie released in digital 3D, which is now so popular.

The film has a bit of a Simpson feel with wide humor and vibrant colors and even Danny Elfman as a score composer (who wrote the Simpsons theme). It's not as good as the Simpsons or funny, but I would argue that this is a creative influence.

The soundtrack contains songs by Jamie Callum, Rob Thomas, they can be giants and others, and this is very good. Probably the best Disney pop music. (At least it's a step forward from Spice Girls in Chicken Little ...)

Voice broadcasting is universal and huge (shows how many characters in the story). Steve Anderson voices 3 parts, including The Guy in the Bowler, Ethan Sandler, including Doris. Tom Kenny, Tom Selleck, Lori Metcalf, Angela Bassett, Harland Williams - all express their opinion.


This film cannot be described without being a huge spoiler for those who have not seen it.

In fact, this is a kind of "Back to the Future", where there are "Incredible" and strangeness.

A small child named Lewis is an orphan who loves to invent things (like Doc Brown as an orphan). He even keeps his roommate all hours of the night with his inventions.

His inventions prevent him from being adopted, so he decides that he wants to know his mother using the memory scanner that he invented. He then meets a strange boy named Wilbur

Wilbur is looking for a man in a bowler hat that stole a time machine. This puts Lewis on a real trip! The man in the bowler hat is a very good and terribly drawn villain. You will never guess who the person from the bowler really is. Or at least I didn’t. This is very smart!

Lewis and Wilbur get to know the Robinson family, and I don't want to make surprises, but there is a dinosaur and several other inventions. This is a crazy movie.

From time to time it gets a little cluttered and confusing, but basically it's about how Lewis begins to understand his mother, his own potential and the importance of the family.

Movie Review

I do not want to resell Meet the Robinsons because he has big problems. He throws a lot on the screen, and at some point he becomes tedious, but I would prefer it rather than a lazy predictable record, like Brother Bear. I guess this is my personal preference.

I’m not sure that every point in the plot will work, and the spelling can be sharper, creating more convincing characters, but what we get is not bad. In fact, I think this is pretty good.

It is certainly bright and colorful, and the story definitely surprised me. The villain is very well done and, as I said, caught me by surprise. Great shows the work, and overall I was fascinated by it.

It may be a little difficult for children to keep an eye on everything, and I would like to have a few more laughs, but I think this is enough to entertain the children, and it may be even more suitable for teens.

We also get really good messages about the family, about ourselves and about getting enough sleep every night ...!

This is definitely a huge improvement over Chicken Little. That's for sure. This is not a Pixar. I mean, Pixar launched Rataouille in 2007, and who can compete with that?

It's good?

Intergenerational relationships, especially in the future, are charming. At first, the Robinsons clan seems abnormal, but as the future goes on, they quickly grow on you, just what kind of brood Lewis would naturally be attached to (and for good reason, but you have to understand this to understand). It may not be as touching as Finding Nemo, as technically brilliant as Cars, or not as attractive to parents as Incredible, but Getting Acquainted with Robinsons is an interesting step in the right direction for suggestions. Disney not affiliated with Pixar.

And who does not love an orphan hero? Brave orphans are the ideal heroes of children's adventures. Be it a person (Annie, Oliver Twist) or an animal (Stuart Little, Wilbur), they are absolute losers, and only the most fierce heart can take root against them. Fortunately, Lewis is not a typical orphan suffering from cruel adults. He is surrounded by compassionate adults who sincerely want to cultivate their splendor - from the director of the orphanage (Angela Bassett) to his encouraging science teacher and, of course, Robinsons, who all believe that mistakes and failures only make you better.

Talk with your children about ...
  • Families can talk about why Robinsons think failure is good. Can you remember the time when you did not win, but still learned something useful? And, for fun, since Lewis is a budding inventor, name a few inventions that you think will be useful in the future.
  • How are orphans portrayed in the film? Does the film make children who are not adopted seem sad and lonely? Do you think orphans should feel like this? What are some other famous orphans in films and books?
  • How does the film compare with the book of William Joyce on which it is based? Children: Did you read the book before you watched the movie? If not, do you know that this is based on a book?
  • Do you like books / stories based films more than ones that aren't? What are some of the best movie book adaptations?

Meet the robinsons cast : Angela Bassett. like mildred. Daniel Hansen. like Lewis. Jordan Fry like Lewis. Wesley Singerman. like wilbur. Tom Selleck. like Cornelius. Harland Williams. like Karl. Lori Metcalf. like Lucille Krunklhorn. Adam West. like uncle st.

Meet the robinsons watch online, "Meet the Robinsons" starring in the movie "Children and Family" with Stephen John Anderson on BAKO. You can watch on TV, online, tablets, phone.

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