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“Owen Wilson” Cars 3 (2017) | stream and watch full movie online. 
(Rating:G, Genre:Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family, Directed By:Brian Fee, Written By:Kiel Murray, Bob Peterson, Mike Rich, In Theaters:Jun 16, 2017 Wide, On Disc/Streaming:Nov 7, 2017) 

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Where To Watch Cars 3 (2017) Movie

The Pixar sequel offers simple, undeniable pleasure.

There is no doubt that when it comes to critical and commercial success, there is no animation studio that would surpass the work Pixar has done over the past two decades, plus. Since the 1995 Toy Story, they have been releasing quality films continuously.

But with 18 features in mind, the reality is that some of these films will be better than others. The “cars” of the franchise settled at the bottom of the critical spectrum, although commercial success was quite sufficient, especially considering merchandising.

The latest issue is Cars 3, where we again see how cars with anthropomorphization move around a world that is confusing and largely intended for people and completely devoid of people. And although he does not create anything like the complexity of the narration of Pixar's most perfect work, it is not necessary. While all the films of the studio are intended for children, these films are most shamelessly targeted at children from all their offers; "Cars 3" continues in the same vein.

Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson, "Masterminds") returns to the track, winning the Piston Cup races and celebrating the memory of his late mentor Doc (late Paul Newman). But times are changing, and a new generation of advanced riders enters the track led by an impressive, arrogant assault on Jackson (Armie Hammer, "Free Fire").

Soon, Storm will become the sensation of the Piston Cup in a historic winning streak; he and his high-tech brothers are pushing old-school racers out of the game. Even the old Lightning friends from Radiator Springs - Sally (Bonnie Hunt, “Zootopia”), Luigi (Tony Shalub, “Assignment”), Maitre (Larry the Cable Guy) and others can help him. Thus, he believes that if he cannot defeat them, he will join them.

Lightning begins to train at the new high-tech racing center under the guidance of its new sponsor, a mud-billionaire named Sterling (Nathan Fillion, the television “Con Man”). But, despite the best efforts of his keen coach Cruise Ramirez (Christel Alonzo, The Angry Birds Movie), Lightning seems washed out.

In his last desperate effort, he tracks down the mentor of his mentor, an old truck named Smokey (Chris Cooper, “Live at Night”), who reminds Lightning that he may lack high-tech speed, he makes up for the racing experience.

With the last chance to prove themselves or to resign with product approval and commentary on the race, Lightning sets off for Florida with his old and new friends in the hope of finding a way to defeat Jackson Storm and the rest of the new wave of Record Racers.

Let's be real - the Cars franchise will never reach the heights of such Pixar masterpieces as Wall-E and Up, Inside Out and the Toy Story trilogy. And there is nothing wrong with that. The truth is that the bar is set so far that you can skip it for a considerable amount and at the same time reach great heights.

No, Cars 3 aren’t particularly complicated - no movie with Larry the Cable Guy can ever be - but it's cute and fun. And although this is a simple story, it also has amazing poignancy. He does not have such a deep emotional intelligence as the best Pixar films, but the feelings he evokes are honest.

And children love these films - this one will not be different.

Vocal work, as always, is exceptional. Wilson’s atmosphere is almost never used as perfectly as this character’s; unsurprisingly, children line up for Lightning McQueen booties. And just as some may find the aforementioned Mr. Cable Guy, the children in my screen screeched in admiration for every utterance of Mother. Alonzo is delicious and sweet, while Million brings its classic high-octane complacency to the table. Meanwhile, Cooper takes this role as seriously as any other Oscar-decoy offer he can make ... and it's amazing. The rest of the supporting cast is also solid, including the twists and turns of a number of NASCAR celebrities.

(It’s worth noting that these films are not ashamed of their attachment to NASCAR. They include not only famous racers such as Darrell Waltrip and Kyle Petty, but also racing legend Junior Johnson (seriously, look at him)). They have fun, but they never laugh - this is a small but fundamental difference.)

Obviously, the film looks fantastic - after all, this is a Pixar film. This is the first raid of director Brian Fee in the director's chair, but he is a longtime studio fan, he worked as an artist in the two previous films “Cars”, as well as in “Wall-E” and “Monster University” and a handful of Disney. offers. He clearly understands this, and although there are not many exciting moments, there is not one that cannot pass Pixar's high standard of quality control.

"Cars 3" is not very, but it's good. This is definitely a lower Pixar level, but it still makes it better than almost any other animation board. It may not be a Ferrari, but its definitely worth a try.

It's good?

This “triquel” promotes the idea that girls can (and should!) Do everything that they intend to do, and that there is something special about the connection between the mentor and the protege. Although there is nothing particularly original in the story (it’s clear what will happen in the end), Cars 3 is much better and softer than the excessively brutal Cars 2, and its two main themes - mentoring and fearlessness - are touching and necessary for children. In a culture that adores youth, it is nice to see Lightning continue to mourn the relationship he had with Doc Hudson. And then he, in turn, finds himself on the other end of a similar relationship with Cruz, who may have been a coach, but once dreamed of racing himself - until she realized that no one in the race was like her.

In this child-friendly film, you can unpack an amazing amount: it is about friendship, ageism, sexism and the relationship between teacher and student. All the actors do their job well, although Mater, Sally and the Radiators Springs team sit in the back seat of Cruise Alonzo. Kerry Washington joins in the fun as nonsense, data-driven racing Natalie Kerrent and a quartet of retired racers (including Chris Cooper as Smokey, former team leader Doc Hudson, and Margot Martindale as the groundbreaking "lady racer") , a mentor and raced with Doc. Everyone is welcome new characters. Ultimately, Cars 3 is about how Lightning becomes a mature rider who deals with being perhaps after its heyday. Driven by memories of his relationship with Doc and his growing affection for young Cruise, this sequel to Cars ultimately became a winner suitable for young children.

Talk with your children about ...
  • Families can talk about messages in Cars 3. Why is trust a vital part of competition / sport? What does Sally mean when she says Lightning: “Do not be afraid of failure - be afraid not to have the opportunity”? Why do you think Cruz feels that she is not racing? Do you think the film is trying to show that women compete with men? Why did Storm initially fire her as a competitor?
  • What parts of the movie were scary? Why? What terrible things can young children handle?
  • Which characters are role models? How do they show perseverance and communication? Why are these important character strengths?
  • Why is Lightning so important that he decides when he finishes the race? What does he learn during the film? 
  • What do you think he will do next?
  • Children: What made you want to see this movie? A story or an advertisement / product attachment? Want more stuff when they feature car characters? At what age do children understand what marketing and advertising are?

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