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Watch! Trolls World Tour (2020) Movie Online | OnVideo

“Daniel Hansen” Trolls World Tour (2020) | stream and watch full movie online. 
(Rating:PG, Genre:Animation, Comedy, Directed By:Walt Dohrn, David P. Smith, Written By:Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger, In Theaters:Apr 10, 2020 Wide, On Disc/Streaming:Apr 10, 2020) 

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Where To Watch Trolls World Tour (2020) Movie

Poppy and Branch discover that six different troll tribes are scattered in six different lands. Each tribe is also dedicated to six different types of music - funk, country, techno, classical, pop and rock. When the rockers Queen Barb and King Thrash decided to destroy other music, Poppy and Branch embarked on a daring mission to unite the trolls and save a variety of tunes from extinction.

Trolls World Tour feels like a trip-acid bend wrapped in cotton candy and pushed to the brink of wild pop culture, teeming with classical (and not so classic) melodies. The songs are nice, the animation is great; and the voice cast consisting of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, James Cordon and Sam Rockwell (?) seems to enjoy the bullshit.

And this is what this movie is: stupidity. Fluffy bullshit, but bullshit all the same. Adults may need a few glasses of wine to go crazy, but small ones will enjoy the wild, colorful frauds on display. At least mine did.

The story - something about a rock troll and a string of fate - jumps from blow to blow, stopping only occasionally to offer a little respite before throwing us into another wild staged play, consisting of stupid harmless humor and a lot of screams. An unfinished love story has been added to this story, in which Branch tries to care for Poppy, despite the inability to truly contact her; and another story about how Cooper goes in search of creatures similar to him. I will let you guess how these storylines are played out.

Of course, story points are designed to set large musical numbers. These trolls want to sing, damn it! And they do sing. Returning actors Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake browse through several songs, including a fun riff on the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” Cindy Lauper, “Good Vibrations,” by Mark Mark and half a dozen others.

Do not worry. There are also many jokes. My children laughed when the troll, through gigantic hair, gave birth to another miniature troll - do not ask! - and roared at the place where Mr. Dinkles, a small worm-shaped creature with one expression on his face, seemed to die and was a few inches from heaven before another character pulled him back into the light.

Madness has a unique commentary on music (hint: pop music is sloppy, country music is bad, smooth jazz takes listeners to the brink of madness and rock music) the directors only partially investigate, preferring the proven and true “It's normal to be different” morality, which for inexplicable reasons took on five writers. Of course, there was something more original that these people could come up with to challenge our youth.

Trolls World Tour is great fun for kids. The animation sparkles and the film fusses with a supply of energy. For all the recent drama, who can object to spending 90 minutes with characters who swear using words like sugar and struggle with hug problems?

Trolls World Tour is one of those animated films that will make parents really appreciate Pixar. (Look ahead. Seriously.) Despite their tasteless visual effects, these miniature toys have nothing unique to say or do, because this would require some risk. Instead, we are left with a tasteless conspiracy consisting of moral conclusions usually reserved for Saturday special days, boring characters and tired pop culture jokes. (Who let the dogs out? Really?)

The directors Walt Dorn and David P. Smith throw everything - jokes, songs, visual jokes - onto the screen, probably by the will of the absurd number of producers, marketers and writers involved in the project, in the hope of something - a link to pop culture Fart , crack the butt, whatever - laughs once again. Here is a movie that desperately needs to be loved by everyone, and therefore it probably will not please anyone except for really young ones.

Snark, I say all this, although I understand that the Trolls World Tour is not a movie intended for sullen old people like me. Trolls World Tour is a movie for children. Really young children. And hey, I get it. I grew up thinking Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend was the greatest movie ever made, or at least on par with King Kong Lives. Children do not watch a movie like “Trolls” to reveal the secrets of their personal existentialism; children watch these films because they are bright and shiny, loud and funny; and because the characters on the screen sometimes burp or say something in a silly voice.

No judgment. I watch football because (in a hunchbacked voice) it looks really cool when they hit each other very hard.

So, although the critic in me wants to write another thousand words about how our children deserve better, the child inside me shouts: “Light up! This is a movie about trolls based on a toy line. What did you expect? Oh look! The face in this balloon turned into a funny face!

A boring storyline and innocent humor prevent the Trolls World Tour from ever rising beyond softly captivating entertainment, but a pop-filled soundtrack and colorful animation should keep the attention of young children for an hour or so. What time will they spend hitting you in the face. Enjoy it!

It's good?

This sweet sequel encourages inclusiveness and diversity - both in terms of musical genre and cultural background - while also bringing a smile to audiences of all ages. This is not as exciting as the original (there are several sequels), but trolls provide much-needed entertainment for families. Bloom is a great addition to the cast. As Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has proven, she can sing in any style of music. She works great here, directing a hard / heavy metal rocker, performing Barracuda, Crazy Train, and Rocky Like a Hurricane. Other outstanding additions to the Trolls World Tour include the Funk Troll royal family, George Clinton as King Quincy, Mary J. Blige as Queen Essence and Anderson. Paak as Prince D., and also Kelly Clarkson as Delta Dawn. and Sam Rockwell as Hickory, the mysterious cowboy who helps Poppy and Branch.

Films do not come out in a vacuum, so it’s important to recognize the context of the release of this sequel. Trolls World Tour is released immediately for streaming video and video on demand during an unprecedented global quarantine time when parents of young children in their teens are especially grateful for any reason to get together and laugh. Fortunately, it offers enough laughter and colorful visual effects - not to mention a charming tiny troll named Tiny Diamond (voiced by Kenan Thompson) and a mixture of familiar covers and catchy original songs - to captivate even older children and adults. It also contains surprisingly positive messages that serve as a reminder that history can be perceived in more than one way, and as a call for unity.

Talk with your children about ...
  • Families can talk about Trolls World Tour messages about the importance of diversity and listen to other people's voices. Do you think this is a musical taste, or is it also related to other differences?
  • What characters do you consider role models? What they do sets them apart? Why is communication and teamwork important to character?
  • What does King Funk and Queen mean about how the story is written by those in power? What do you think they are trying to say about musical styles that “steal” from other genres?
  • How do songs contribute to the film? Which one was your favorite and why? Would you like a movie without music?

Trolls world tour cast : Jamie Dornan as Chaz: Jazz Troll. Jamie Dornan is known for playing Christian Gray in the 50 Shades franchise. Icona Pop as Satin & Chenille ...

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